Sunday, October 13, 2013

day one edits, forecast

I'm finally getting a chance to look through the photographs of the trip.  Here are a few proof sheets of images that caught my eye.  The proofs come for an old version of Photo Mechanic.

There has not been time to look at my my notebook or logbook, the notebook being the rite in the rain note pad where I jot things down during the day and the logbook being the moleskin journal where I write a summary each night.

I do like how day started with the red glow of the trailer lights, all the way at the top left, and ended with the cool blue evening anchored off the Alligator River, down below on the left.

I had been grey, rainy and foggy for several days now, and that may continue for a few more days.  Fortunately a high will be moving into the area by next weekend when the schooners arrive in town.  The forecast for Saturday is excellent.  Let's hope it hold true.


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