Thursday, October 24, 2013


Dew covered the main boom sailing off anchor in Parched Corn Bay a few weeks ago.  If it was this morning, there might have been frost on Spartina.  It is that time of year.  (Seeing frost on rooftops reminded me it was time to place the annual order for the Thanksgiving Willie Bird smoked turkey.)

Launching last weekend one of the trailer bunks, a 2x4 wrapped in all weather carpet, jutted out at an odd angle.  The metal support for the bunk had corroded and broken.  I had failed to routinely inspect the brackets and was surprised to find that they were all close to breaking.  I'm glad I found out now, before the nearly 250 mile drive each way to Chestertown and back for Sultana's Downrigging Weekend.

I went to Portsmouth Trailer Supply to purchase a new set of brackets, which I will install this weekend.  The woman at the counter suggested I spray on a coat of instant marine galvanizing to help ward off corrosion.  She said she used a similar product on her rifles, I might consider using it on any rifles that I own too.  I don't own any rifles, but appreciated the advice.



Curt said...

Looks crusty. Are you going to drop her in the yard, jack up or go for a slip? I'm looking at the same problem. Just don't care much for busted knuckles when the frost comes up...

Steve said...

I've got a neighbor with one of the nice car jacks, the kind on wheels that you roll under a vehicle, turn the lever and pump. Perfect for putting under the keel, lifting and then bracing with a couple of 2x4's.