Monday, October 28, 2013

if it's Downrigging weekend, there will be weather

I have been to one Downrigging Weekend, above, which included steady rain, high winds and ice on the boom tent in the morning.  The following year, while I was on Hatteras Island, Hurricane Sandy spun up the East Coast causing some of the Downrigging events to be canceled.  I was preoccupied at the time so did not follow the event closely, but it was certainly not a weekend to be on the water in Chestertown.

So as this year's event approaches, I receive an email from the organizers about this year's coming weather.

Rain all day Friday, gusts to 48 mph, slacking to 30 mph by mid-afternoon.  Sounds like an interesting day to rig and launch Spartina.  I had planned on leaving here at 4:30 a.m., reaching Chestertown late morning and being on the water by noon.  I may reset my alarm to wake a bit later.  We'll see.  This forecast is of course four days out so it may in fact change.  

The front causing all this will be move through quickly.  Saturday and Sunday have forecasts of sunshine and nice breezes.  I'll take it.


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