Tuesday, October 22, 2013

crossing Long Shoal to Parched Corn Bay

Sorting through some photographs this morning.  

We crossed Long Shoal on the third day of small craft warning with strong gusty winds out of the north.  The shoal reaches out about six miles into Pamlico with depths of one to three feet.  But in close to Long Shoal Point, not too far from the sunken shrimp boat, was a small area with depths marked at five feet.  We tacked in towards the wreck, then tacked back north, crossing the shoal into the steep waves that had built up on the shallows.  Full sail, watching the waves and the gps, hoping the depths on the gps were accurate.  They were.  

And just around the corner, the calm of Parched Corn Bay.


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Bill said...

Wow, rails down. Nice pic. Looks like you were really cooking along there!