Friday, July 21, 2017

you just never know....

who will be passing through the local sailing grounds.

In this case it was the aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman, 
wrapping up a stretch in the yard for maintenance.

I was glad to not be on the water.  This is a very narrow stretch
of water and the security boats do not look kindly on
any boat - large or small - that might be a threat.
It was a very impressive sight.


Lorenzo B said...

She looks gigantic!

Steve said...

She IS gigantic - like a city floating down a narrow river. Very impressive. steve

steve said...

wow!i thought some of ours at Devonport were big but that genuinely is big - wow

Unknown said...

Steve, The Elizabeth River is my childhood dinghy stomping grounds. 'Been thinking about taking our M-15 there for a sailabout. Can you recommend a good place to launch (ramp) and/or small-boat friendly transient slips?

Steve said...

There are two ramps that I use. One is down the southern branch of the Elizabeth in Chesapeake at Elizabeth River Park. It is free, plenty of parking, restrooms and a good ramp. There other is in Norfolk on Delaware Ave just off of Granby Street. Good ramp, limited parking and and not much in the way of facilities. Waterside Marina is very nice, and just across the river is Tidewater Yacht, both welcome transients. Also Craford Bay is excellent for anchoring out. steve