Thursday, September 13, 2018

the boxer

A Hatteras native was explaining the problem to us yesterday.  Storms like this, the ones that hang off they coast, they just keep on hitting.  He squares up to my colleague and punches him solidly in the shoulder.  My co-worker looks a little bit stunned but before he could do anything the islander continues, saying the storm hits again, and again, and again, and again, getting louder with each "again" until he was almost shouting, accompany the word with another solid punch.

We had round one for the boxer named Florence this morning, high tide just before noon.  The dunes, man-made dunes, breached well over an hour before full tide.  Ocean water running down the streets as if they were rivers, pieces of wood, asphalt and streets signs being carried downstream. 

I wanted to get to Hatteras Village at the southern tip of the idea but the last stretch of Hwy 12 between Frisco and the village had multiple breaches in the dune line.  We could have made it there, but if the road gave way we wouldn't have make it back.  We'll save that little trip for later.

I have received many emails from friends checking in on me.  I am find, safe and dry.  Thank you.  We've got electricity and internet and ac.  The grocery store across the street is open.  This is easy.  

We'll see how we are doing after round 2, round 3 and round 4.

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