Monday, September 3, 2018

the golden spoon, from the Pilgrim

Checking my fishing gear yesterday I noticed that my favorite casting lure for fall on Chesapeake Bay, a golden spoon, had lost its luster.  I put it in a little bag with some ketchup - don't ask me where I got this idea I don't remember - and let it sit overnight.  Bright and shiny this morning it is soaking in fresh water to clean the ketchup off. 

In the fall bluefish and stripers often chase the bait fish to the surface, easily recognized by the erupting water and gulls diving in to grab a fish.  Cast a golden spoon into that and there a good chance you'll have a fish on the line.

Haven't completely decided the path for the fall sail.  I'll put in at Cambridge and work my way north.  How far north I do not know.  I would like to get back to to explore the Chester and Corsica Rivers, maybe even making it up the Chester to Chestertown.  And then of course back down south to St. Michaels.


I received this and a few other photographs from the Pilgrim this morning from somewhere near Astorga, Spain.  This is supposedly a busy time for the Camino, but look down the path to the right and it appears to be not too crowded.

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