Wednesday, September 12, 2018

X marks the spot

I guess I did not take the hint from yesterday as I checked into a boarded up Buxton motel a mile or two from Cape Hatteras.  The gentleman at the counter had to use a drill to remove the plywood sheet from over my hotel room door so I could get in, a first for me.  He also gave me a late bucket and several towels to collect rain water that blows in under the door, not a first for me.

The forecast for Hatteras has improved, which unfortunately means the forecast had gotten worse for areas to the south, mainly between Wilmington NC and the South Carolina line.  If the forecast holds true they may have a very difficult time over the next few days.

The above wind map is the forecast for 11 a.m. tomorrow with the eye of the hurricane just off Cape Fear/Wilmington.  My location is marked by the red "X" and indicates winds of about 35 mph, not at all uncommon for the Outer Banks.  I still need to get a look at rain and wave forecasts to get the full picture.

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MaryLou said...

Stay safe Steve. I've been watching this map. The inundation tab appears to be the same data as on the NHC website but in finer local detail. You can also change advisories in the tab at the top.