Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day One Revisited

I have enjoyed Steve's posts about the trip. Makes me wish I was on it........again. Usually, Steve will post the daily log and I will add comments from my perspective. But I got behind, didn't download the photos right away, got busy (lame excuse entered here) and so I thought I would add a few photos and my notes over a few posts and try to catch up.

This is Steve just before he cast off the lines and we headed out. An absolutely gorgeous day. I like this photo of Steve. It says a lot about him, as a sailor and as a person. He is confident and skilled. He exercises good judgement. He knows not only how to enjoy life but also what's important. He is a good citizen of this great country of ours. He is a good friend. All this of course makes sailing with him pretty special. We do have a great time.

Day one was just the best for sailing.  A warm sunny day and great wind. Now the wind wasn't going to allow us to sail directly to Tangier Island (my favorite direction is always directly at our destination).  But we had loads of time to get there and Steve gave me the tiller a lot so I could sharpen up on my sailing skills.

I can't imagine more perfect conditions. At times we couldn't see land, just water all around. A great feeling of being out there. Spartina handled perfectly as usual. You can feel the life in this boat and it adds a quality to the daily life on the cruise. It is magical for sure.

Steve did an excellent job keeping a running daily log in his little waterproof notebook. I would peek in it from time to time but he writes in some foreign scratch that only he can read. Day one set the tone for the entire trip. It only got better as we went along.

One of the best parts of our cruises are the sunrises and sunsets. Steve shot this great image of the setting sun behind Cod Harbor, Tangier Island. We were up with the sun and to bed with the sun. The light at these times of the day is always so beautiful. When you are outside 24 hours a day for nine days, these special moments are welcomed book ends to the ever changing events of the day.


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doryman said...

I have to say Bruce, one of the things I miss about the old Crab House 150 was the dual authorship and commentary. You two have very different perspectives that, when posted together, make exceptional reading.