Thursday, June 30, 2011

photographs, an update

I've updated the photographs in three of this blog's posts - the boat, stormy and calm.  These are, by far, the most commonly viewed posts on the site, "the boat" being the most popular.  In "the boat" I use photos that show Spartina in her environment, plus details of the rigging, equipment, etc.  Below is one of the photos I added showing the sleeping pads stored up under the foredeck.  I've also added photos of her docked, at anchor, and washing dishes in the cook kit tub.  I guess the post is not just about the boat, but also about how we spend time on the boat.

Most of the new photos went into "the boat", only one (below) went in to "stormy".  Our last trip had good weather, not much in the way of "stormy" to photograph.  We had a couple of rain showers, but those were at night.  And just one windy, rough, slightly rainy morning sailing from South Marsh Island across Tangier Sound to Deal Island.

I added a handful of images to "calm", one of my favorite posts.  Like anyone who sails I enjoy the wind.  But those calm, glassy mornings and evenings are a special time.  Plus if you look through the post you'll see some mid-day calms.  Peace and quite - I'm all for it.

But enough about this site.  There are a couple of other sites that I'm following these days.  Webb Chiles is writing about his new small boat "Gannet", below.  I'm a longtime fan of his circumnavigations, his writing, his photography and his outlook on life.  I can't wait to see what he does with his new boat.  I admit I'm hoping for some photographs of her under sail - but that is easier said than done.  It took about three years before I had a nice photograph, shot by a friend, of Spartina under sail.

And if you like small boats, great writing and beautiful photography please take a look at my friend Barry's site.   He is building two melonseed skiffs and they are nothing less than works of art.  I won't even try to describe the skill that is going into these two beautiful boats - just take a look for your self.


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