Monday, June 13, 2011

no static at all

I've just ordered a new radio for Spartina.  It is an Eton Emergency Weather Radio with AM/FM and, of course, NOAA weather.  The power source can be AA batteries, hand crank generator or solar power.  Price, through LLBean, is $50.00.  It even has a cell phone charger.
I carry a marine vhf radio for communication and weather reports.  I also like to have the AM/FM radio along to listen to sports.  On Chesapeake Bay Bruce and I have had a great time listening to sports stations out of Washington D.C.  On solo trips it can make for a nice companion.  On the spring walkabout I went three days with no radio, then listened to sports talk for the next two days.  Sometimes I enjoy silence, sometimes I enjoy hearing what is going on in the world.

 In the past I've carried a Grundig FR200 radio on Spartina.  On this last trip, while listening to a sports talk show, I tried to adjust the antenna and it broke off.   Ooops.  But after three years of being exposed to salt spray what do you expect?  It had served me well.  Sun, salt spray and bouncing up and down as I trailered Spartina on the highways (the worst wear and tear on most boats is on the highway) took its toll.

 So here is a toast to some good football games, exciting baseball playoffs, interesting sports talk and, most importantly, silence.  Both radios, Eton and Grundig, come standard with an "OFF" switch.

And for the record, there is no better way to watch a baseball game than on the radio.



Perry Burton said...

Hey Steve, Great trip reporting you done. That Eton you show, I have a black one like it. I've been using it since the launch of PIKAKE, and i've had great fun with it. The quality of the button movement is not great and the screws are certainly not Stainless steel (quite rusty now) but the radio works fine. On a sunny day with the solar panel pointing at the sun runs great. On crank we would take turns every 10 min or so.
Perry Burton

Steve said...


thanks for the radio review. I like the solar idea. I always wish solar devices or chargers were more common, reasonable and reliable.
Hope you are having a good sailing season up there.


Baydog said...

Nothin but blues and Elvis
and somebody else's favorite song

Steve said...


I knew it would be just a matter of time before I heard from you on this one....