Saturday, June 25, 2011

past, present and future

I've been living in the past during the evenings this week, sorting through the photographs from our last trip.  I'm involved in a little project that has me picking out the best images.  It has not been easy.  (How do you decide what is the "best" image anyway??)

I haven't looked to see how many photographs we shot during the nine days of sailing.  Several hundred I'm sure, maybe a couple of thousand.  (Shoot that many photographs and there is bound to be a good one in there somewhere.)
Putting together the log of the trip, the one that is published to the right in the sidebar, helped me narrow down the hundreds of photographs to about a hundred.  I went through the logs, picking out 48 images.   Then three evenings to pare it down to 18.

I'll finish up the project this weekend, tuck the photographs away and start thinking about the next trip.  That will be late September.  Where?  I'm not sure.  Solo or with Bruce?  Not sure about that either, we need to compare schedules.  All I know is that I hope to be on the water somewhere for a week in late summer/early fall when the cool dry air starts to move in from the north.  I've started buying food for the trip already, tossing a four pack of tropical fruit cups into the grocery cart the other day.  I'll worry about the other details later.

My current plans are for day sailing.  The forecast is good for tomorrow and I should be out on the Elizabeth River before 9 a.m.  The Bayou Bugaloo, Norfolk's waterfront Cajun festival, is going on this weekend.  I should be able to hear lots of good zydeco music sailing along the river, maybe even smell the crawfish boiling and corn roasting at the food stands.


While I'm daysailing this weekend my friend Dawn is out on a coastal adventure.  She is kayaking from Swansboro to Cape Lookout, making the trip up the coast "outside" on the ocean.  That's Dawn above on the right.  She says she is kayaking, but it kind of looks like sailing to me.  With wind out of the south or southwest she should have a great ride along the Bogue and Shackleford Banks.

She has published her SPOT track on her blog.  If I can't be out on a trip right now I might as well follow hers.


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