Thursday, June 16, 2011

the fall trip

The last entry in the daily log will go up sometime tonight.  It took longer than expected to sort through all the images and go through the notes from the trip.   I'm tempted to say we took too many photographs --  but can you really take too many photographs???  The above is from the Chester River on day eight, sailing along at a nice 5 knots or so.

Finishing the log means it is time to start thinking about the fall trip.  Bruce and I have to compare schedules to see what works.  One idea I've thrown out is sailing from mid-Bay, probably the somewhere on the Little Choptank River, north to the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal and then down Delaware Bay to Lewes at the mouth of the bay.  But that is just an idea - I need to do some research.


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S R Wood said...

Steve -- I've eyed that very route as the first half of a Delmarva circumnavigation. What better boat for it than a Pathfinder? That could truly be an adventure, especially among the low barrier islands of the Virginia Atlantic coast.