Saturday, June 18, 2011

Papa's got a brand new bag....

My new Eton Emergency Weather Radio arrived yesterday via UPS from LLBean, and it came with a new a new canvas Boat and Tote Bag.  I've been looking for a canvas boat bag for a while now, while ordering the radio I did a search and found the perfect bag for Spartina at LLBean.

Whenever I go daysailing I find myself walking to the jeep with a handful of items - radio, my old XM satellite radio (if there there are some good sporting events that day), camera, newspaper or book (in case the wind doesn't show up), sandwich or bag of trail mix and whatever else I might need.  I've often thrown it all in an old plastic shopping bag.  This will serve me much better.

This is made in Maine (gotta buy from the USA when possible) out of 24 oz canvas, double layer straps and bottom with double stitched seams.  It is a very stout bag.  I got the small size, just right for the items I carry, with the short handles.  There was a choice for colors on the bottom and handles, I chose the dark green which matches the hull color of Spartina.  Cost for the bag was about $25.00.

They even offer an option for monogramming.  For fun I typed in Spartina to see how it would look.  I liked it, adjusted the order to have the name sewn on in matching dark green thread and then promptly deleted the monogramming request.

Colors that match Spartina's hull color, that's okay.  The boat's name stitched on the side of the bag?  That's a little to cute for my taste.  What was I thinking?

I did get the zippered version of the bag to prevent items from tumbling out.

I'm typically reluctant to add gear - any gear at all - to Spartina.  I like things simple.  Less is better.  But this is one item that will help me keep organized.  I think will be the perfect bag for daysails.

UPS brought the bag and radio yesterday, then this morning Fedex shows up with 20 pounds of very much alive crawfish fresh from the Louisiana bayous.  More on this later, but for now I will just say......

Laissez les bons temps rouler!


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