Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"6:45 almost no wind"

The notebook was open to a slow drift away from Abel Bay which came after a rough afternoon and evening of storm cells passing over Spartina, jottings from day seven of last year's Tidal 214.  Reading the notes about drifting in light wind, birds in the marsh, laughing gulls and schools of baitfish ruffling the smooth surface made me smile.  I stopped working for a while in the chilly garage, flipped through a few pages and thought about that trip which seems like such a long time ago. 

I was tidying up the day storage box this morning which included attaching a new pencil to the waterproof notebook.  Out for a cruise or just a daysail I always like to have a notebook nearby.  I threw out last year's sunblock and replaced it with a new tube of Blue Lizard sun screen from Australia, tossed some old tubes of lip balm, and removed some of the odds and ends always seems to clutter up the small storage space.

The jaws are done, looking pretty nice I think with the new leather.  The lines have not been trimmed yet, I'll do that after the next sail when I see how the new main sets.  I did find that the tiny cotter pin on the main boom goose neck was corroded and about to break.  I replaced with some heavy gauge copper wire, which was cheaper and easier to find that a brass or bronze cotter pin and should work just as well.

There are hints of sailing weather for Monday when I am off from work.  I'm ready to go.



Rich said...

Great work with the leather Steve!

Steve said...



Roger said...

Steve, I attached my house flag with copper wire as you did the sail. Later I noticed that the flag was torn where it rubbed over the sharp cut end of the wire. I rounded the wire end with a file to solve the problem. Roger

Steve said...

Great idea, Roger. Thanks.