Saturday, March 2, 2013

full sail

Mid-thirties, overcast with a light NW wind.  A trailer sailor is all that I am today.  But it was nice to haul back on the halyards and watch the main go up. 

White, like a new set of tennis shoes my wife said.

I need to replace some robands, adjust some others.  The jib sheet fairleads will be moved about three inches aft for a better set.

Give us thirty more degrees and a little sunshine.  I'm ready to go sailing.



Baydog said...

Damn I want to go sailing! Do neighbors look at you and just shake their heads? Mine would.

Steve said...

Oh, yes. I did get a fair amount of grief. "Are you really going sailing today?" Cars slowing down or stopping as I raise the peak. I did make a spectacle of myself.


doryman said...

Nice set to the roach on both sails. Pretty shape. You must be pleased.

Bill said...

Where's the "like" button?