Wednesday, March 6, 2013

there's got to be more to this story

Just a quick post with some photos from Paul (thanks, Paul) of the record setting Everglades Challenge win on Dawn Patrol.  Very nice photos and I love the dark clouds, color of the water and sparkling sunlight in this first one.

I'm heading south myself today, going to Hatteras Island to see what becomes of the storm.  I'll be posting when possible.  It appears the storm may be weaker than forecast a couple of days ago.  We'll see.

I'm hoping after the storm moves through there might be weather for sailing here, but the temperatures look to be marginal for being out on the water.

This bottom photo with a bent mizzen mast tells me there is something more to this story.  I guess you can't set records without pushing the boat pretty hard.  I hope we'll read more about it on the Dawn Patrol blog.


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DancesWithSandyBottom said...

Brief: de-masted 8 miles from the finish while exiting Stake Key pass as our spinnaker halyard blowing in the 15-20 kt wind was snagged by a channel marking stick as we passed it. In a microsecond our spinnaker in its bag went flying out of the boat, bow snapped around to port, the main mast bent in the middle and then snapped off cleanly at the top of its tabernacle. Sailed in at 6-8 kts using just the mizzen sail. Further details to be posted.