Sunday, March 3, 2013

really really ready

With a little burst of energy on a too cold day I decided to lower the goose neck track on the mizzen mast.  The luff on the new mizzen just barely fit yesterday between the block at top and the gooseneck at its lowest possible point.  Barely.  I decided it would be better to have a little extra room so that I can tension the sail better with the downhaul.  A couple of new holes to drill, a couple of no longer needed holes that I drilled out and plugged with wood bungs and epoxy.  Easy enough.

While working on that Jim C, my outboard guy, came buy with Spartina's outboard.  Jim does a little maintenance on the outboard each winter.  Last year it was clean the carburetor and change out the water pump.  This year it was just a new plug, lower unit oil and a test run - all done at a very reasonable price.  He even included a spare plug and did a compression test for future reference.  The old outboard does not look so old anymore.

Tomorrow I'll get some new gas, check the air in the tires.  I am ready - really really ready - to go sailing.



Bill said...

I bet you are! Sure looks like it.

Rik said...

Very curious how those new sails sail...

Steve said...

You and me both!