Monday, March 4, 2013

pathfinder in Aruba

Rik sent this nice photograph of his pathfinder build from his Caribbean home in Aruba.  Very nice, Rik.  Looks like planking is not too far away.

I wrapped up my four day weekend by completing all the winter maintenance, and a little more, on Spartina.  Today I rolled her out in the sun and packed her as if I were going sailing today (don't I wish).

Congratulations to Paul and Alan as they won the Everglades Challenge this morning, completing the 300 mile race in just over 48 hours.

That's Paul, above, on Dawn Patrol during the race and Alan, below.

As was pointed out on the race forum, Alan has established himself as a very serious competitor by winning the 1200 mile race last year with his mother, Dawn, and now winning the 300 mile race with his father Paul.  Very impressive.


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