Friday, March 15, 2013

the beginning and the end

I called our friends at the Waterside Inn on Chincoteague to make a reservation for the start of the spring trip.  The have a nice little marina, above, where we ended the Over the Top cruise last fall.  

Typically for a sailing trip we drive to the starting point, load Spartina and cast off.  This trip, because of tides and a few other issues, we'll be doing it a little bit differently.  We'll drive up the day before the start of the trip, rig and load Spartina, motor to the marina and spend the night at the hotel.  After a good night's sleep we'll cast off at dawn with the morning tide.

The hotel, a very nice place where I have stayed several times over the last 20 years, has an off site parking lot where they are very kindly allowing us to leave the jeep and trailer for the week that we'll be on the water.

We'll sail south on the sea side of the Delmarva, then turn back north on the bay side.  At some point we should cross our track from May 21, 2011, a sail from Onancock to Tangier Island, completing the circumnavigation of the peninsula.

Our final destination will be Onancock, but should we have time we'll head first to Tangier and Smith Islands for a visit - wouldn't want to pass up the crab cakes of Smith Island or the soft shell sandwiches of Tangier.  

The weather this weekend does not look promising for a sail, it will be cold and wet.  That's fine, I will use the time to modify the gaff jaws for a better fit for the new sails.


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