Friday, March 1, 2013

one sail

The temperature reached 50 today, but it had to be the coldest 50 degrees that I can remember.  Grey skies and a steady NW wind did not help.  But I did get a lot of work done on Spartina.

The highlight was raising a sail.  Just one sail - the mizzen.  It was too breezy with the wind out of the wrong direction to experiment with the main and the jib.  But putting up just the one sail made me feel great.

Above is a better view of the mizzen from Stuart at Dabbler Sails, loose footed and fully battened it fit perfectly.  I'll tinker with the attachment points at the tack and the clew, but I don't think I will need to tinker too much.

The weather is forecast to be slightly better over the next few days and I do hope to raise main, mizzen and jib at some point this weekend.

I did complete several other jobs today - cleaning out the inside of the hull, rinsing down some of the gear that was covered in saw dust, wiring the new trailer lights and doing some touch up work on the paint.  With only a handful of tasks remaining I'm comfortable saying that Spartina will be ready to sail next weekend.


I received a few comments about the dune line on Hatteras Island that I published yesterday.  Keeping the ocean at bay does seem to be an impossible task.  The recently rebuilt dune line may get another test Wednesday or Thursday of next week when a nor'easter will be off the coast.

In search of better weather I can look south and see my friends - left to right, Alan, Paul, Dawn and Kristen - having their traditional pre-race breakfast in Florida as they get ready for this year's Everglades Challenge.  Alan and Paul will be sailing Dawn Patrol, a Core Sound 20.  Dawn and Kristen will each be paddling solo.

 The forecast for the Saturday start to the Tampa Bay to Key Largo race looks surprisingly good after a couple of years of rough weather starts.

I know I would be happy with the forecast.  The crew above, I suspect, would want something a little more challenging.  Good luck, guys.  Be safe.


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EyeInHand said...

Dang, that mizzen looks like it means business.