Saturday, March 9, 2013

all in

The sun is finally showing, the wind is still blowing.  Wind has been constant since Wednesday morning.  My sailflow app shows the wind will fall off and swing to the east tomorrow, a day forecast to have sunny skies and temperatures in the low 50's.  A little chilly maybe, but it looks like a good day to try out the new sails.

All of my friends are in at the Everglades Challenge.  Dawn, below, finished the race after six day, five hours and 22 minutes on the water.  Kristen was about about forty minutes earlier at six days, four hours and 40 minutes.

And another friend, who I failed to mention earlier, Paul finished in his hobie mirage, below, at four days, four hours and 11 minutes.  I enjoyed sailing last summer with Paul and his wife Ruth and friend Chris.

And of course Paul and Alan have been in for  a few days now, finishing the race in a record setting two days and 2 minutes. (It must be nice to relax in Key Largo after a great sail.)

Excellent race, guys.  The Everglades Challenge seems to mark the start of my sailing year and it looks like it will do so again this year.


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