Saturday, August 6, 2011

begin the beguine

Looking over the charts today I've selected, at least for now, Crisfield as the starting point for the fall trip.    Spartina has sailed out of there twice before, back in the spring of 2007 on the first cruise and then again in 2009 on the Crab House 150 with Bruce.  There is Spartina, above, at the dock in Crisfield on the '07 trip.  I sailed from there to Great Fox Island, Watts Island, Tangier Island and then back.  No SPOT, no gps (at least in my budget) back then.  But it all worked out fine.  You can read about that trip at Duckworks here.  

Somers Cove has some pluses and just one minus.  The pluses seem to outweigh the minus for this trip.

As for the pluses...

  • well protected harbor, regardless of wind direction
  • nice secure, paved parking lot, right next to the coast guard station, with restrooms 
  • excellent ramps and dock
  • located anywhere from 8 to 15 miles from South Marsh Island, Smith Island and Tangier Island - those are all perfect distances for the first day's sail and last day's sail
  • nearby hardware, tackle and grocery stores in case I forget something
  • lots of nearby restaurants for when I get back in, a nice lunch is a good way to end a trip
and the minus.....
  • $35 annual ramp permit
In '07 I paid the money.  In '09 the folks at the nearby hotel kindly let us leave the jeep and the trailer in the field behind the hotel.  

Rumbley, a few miles to the north, is free.  But it is a bit far from Tangier for a first or last day sail.  Onancock is to the south and costs just five bucks, but it is a little far from South Marsh or the northern end of Smith Island.  Crisfield seems about right, even for $35.00. 

Tropical Storm Emily, which had disappeared, has reformed as Tropical Depression Emily.  It is forecast  to head northeast away from the coast.

From wikipedia...

The beguine is a dance and music form, similar to a slow rumba, that was popular in the 1930s, coming from the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique, where in local Creole Beke or Begue means a White person, and Beguine is the female form. It is a combination of Latin folk dance and French ballroom dance, and is a spirited but slow, close dance with a roll of the hips.



MaryLou said...

Steve, have you investigated using the ramp at Janes Island State Park?
We launched out of there twice with our ComPac 16. We were camping there and daysailing. Don't know if you could store your vehicle and trailer so it might not make any sense for you at all. The ramp and adjacent slips are on Daugherty Creek Canal which opens on the south to Crisfield and the Little Annemessex and on the north to the Big Annemessex.

Steve said...

Yes, MaryLou, I did check out that ramp five or six years ago. Seems like I drove back through the park and looked at it. For some reason I crossed it off the list, I think because of the parking issue. Some places don't have the space to leave a vehicle and a trailer for seven days. You are right, it is an excellent location.
I hope you and Fred are doing well. best wishes