Sunday, August 28, 2011

spoke too soon

I spoke too soon.  Made it up to Rodanthe at the north end of Hatteras.  The road is washed out.  We are stuck on the island.  Good news is no one, as far as we can tell, was injured.

There are worse places to be stuck.



Bill said...

Definitely worse places to be stuck.

Up here in Richmond, I have to say it was anticlimactic. A bunch of wind, a bunch of rain, and lots of twigs and branches down in the yard. Power went out for 24 hours, but we've go it back now.

I'm actually out in the far west end of Henrico. Closer in to downtown, some big trees came down on Monument Ave., and apparently lots of trees are down on southside.

But other than a lot of people without power (who are quickly getting restored), that's pretty much it.

I think the OBX and the DelMarVa peninsula got it way worse than we did here west of Richmond.

I haven't checked my boat yet, but I'm assuming it's ok. I'll go up there next weekend.

MaryLou said...

Not that bad on the Upper Ches. part of Delmarva. Some trees down. Power out for 40 hours here. Closed the shellfish fishery for a week because of all the runoff. Flooding in a few towns. Did see a few boats in marinas with the usual shredded jibs.

Baydog said...

Sorry Steve, I borrowed your post title. It was what came to my mind first as well.

Steve said...


I noticed that. My lawyers are discussing. I hope you are willing to make a generous settlement. Really, it would be the best for us all.


Steve said...


glad you guys did ok. Could have been much worse. See you in late November.