Tuesday, August 9, 2011

white heat

Hot, hot, hot in Ocracoke yesterday.  It was the kind of heat that glares off the water, the sand, the concrete.  The kind of heat that makes your eyes hurt.

There was a breeze, but not much of one.  I hid in the shade.  I did not get much work done.

I did find this pier, above, with free three-hour docking.  The other park service piers charge by the foot, a boat can tie up to this one for a short time at no cost.  A few hours would be enough time to get off the boat, clean up, shop for supplies, maybe have a nice meal and a cold drink at one of the nearby restaurants.  There is plenty of room to anchor out in the harbor, called Silver Lake, for the night for free.

I will keep the pier in mind for future trips.



EyeInHand said...

Ah good. I know that pier, near the museum and ferry landing by the channel inlet. Is it owned by the museum?

Loved the photo of the work boat at dusk, by the way.

Steve said...

It is right next to the ferry landing on Silver Lake. The pier belongs to the park service, they have marked it for short term visits - three hours or less. I think it may be used as a dinghy dock by the bigger boats anchoring out, but plenty of room for a small boat there. Fits into my plans as I want to sail to Ocracoke, need to dock for a while but don't want to tie up overnight.
The melonseeds look great!


Bill said...

I'm hoping to make the trip from Mathews, VA to Ocracoke, maybe next year. I hope.

Floatsome said...

That's where we put in our kayaks when we took the ferry out from Swan Quarter last year. I think I can still see some of my gelcoat on the ramp.

Dawn and accomplices are off to Pate Boat Yard this afternoon and paddling to Belhaven tomorrow. A Spot track link is on her blog: