Saturday, August 20, 2011

friends on the water, tropical weather

I've got college drop-offs with the daughters so I am missing some nice sailing weather this weekend.  But when I get a chance I am checking the SPOT track of my friend Dawn.  She and a few of her friends, including Dave (Floatsome), are off on a paddling trip.  They put in at Pate Boat at Goose Creek Island yesterday morning.

From the track you can see that they paddled north on the ICW, crossed the Pamlico River and then continued north on the Pungo River to Belhaven.  You can follow the track here.  That is Dawn, below.

I have never entered the Pungo River though it has certainly looked inviting when we've sail past on the Pamlico River.  The Pungo River and the nice little town of Belhaven, which I have visited by only by car, are high on my list for sailing next year.

This weekend I'm also visiting the WeatherUnderground's tropical weather page.  Right now it is showing four tropical disturbances in the North Altantic.  The one that should concern the Caribbean and US is called Invest 97L, the one at the bottom center of the map above. 

The storm is still a ways away, both in terms of distance and time.  But as Dr. Jeff Masters says in his blog, it is a good time to think about hurricane preparedness.


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