Sunday, August 14, 2011

figs and photos

The first figs ripened yesterday.  With three trees I'll have hundred of figs over the next few weeks.  Plenty for me and for birds too.  I shot the photo above with my Pentax Option W90 camera.  It is a good camera, not a great camera.  But I am learning how to use it a little better.  (Now that I think of it, the flower photographs I posted a while ago were with the same camera, so maybe it is a better camera than I think.)
Bruce shot the photo of me, below, using the camera in the water off of Dobbins Island on day six of the spring trip.  It is a good camera for being around water, for being wet and for being bounced around on hard decks.  When Bruce and I travel together we bring that camera plus one of Bruce's professional level cameras.  When I sail solo I bring just the Optio W90 - a second non-waterproof camera would be too much to worry about when I'm sailing by myself.

But I think I've got the hang of the Optio W90 well enough that I should get some good photographs.  I hope so.  In the meantime I see that the W90 has already been supplanted by Pentax's new camera, the Pentax Optio WG-1.  It is hard to keep up when it comes to digital cameras.



Baydog said...

Who's the white dude in the water?

DancesWithSandyBottom said...

The delicious and amazing world of figs: "...the fig as eaten is actually the infructescence of the tree, known as a false fruit or multiple fruit, in which the flowers and seeds are borne. Sometimes people incorrectly refer to it as the flower, but it is a hollow-ended stem containing many flowers, as one may see by splitting a fig open. The flower is not visible, as it blooms inside the fruit. The small orifice (ostiole) visible on the middle of the fruit is a narrow passage, which allows a very specialized wasp, the fig wasp, to enter the fruit and pollinate the flower, whereafter the fruit grows seeds." --Wikipedia

Steve said...




that is fascinating. I will think of that every time I pick a fruit off the tree.