Thursday, August 18, 2011

island memories, disappearing

Artist John Barber sent me a few digital copies of his paintings today including "Island Memories", above.  From his message I also realized I was incorrect in my assumption that it was the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in the background of "Harvesters."  I've replaced that painting in the post below with "Adventurer" which does show the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

John also sent a better quality digital version of "Tangier Afternoon," one with a better color balance and a higher resolution.  I've substituted the better version in the post.  Thanks, John.

The higher quality digital version illustrates a point made by Barry in a comment to the post.  He said that the digital versions do not do justice to the richness of light in the actual paintings.  I agree.  As Barry said, something is lost in the translation. If you like the digital versions, you would be delighted with the paintings.


My friend Kevin, of Slip Jig fame, commented on the sunken buy boat in Knapp Narrows at Tilghman Island, above.  He said the boat was called "Crow Brothers."  It was only when he mentioned the name that I realized I had photographed the same boat, at the time floating, two years earlier on the Crab House 150 trip.  That is it in the predawn photo below.  From that day's sailing log....

I was up before dawn, I always wake up early on the trips. Snuck out of the room with the camera and walked down to the old working harbor by the Tilghman Island bridge. That looked to me like a "buy boat" above, the kind of boat that ran around the bay and bought the catches of local waterman and carried them to market. There were lights glowing on it but I'm not sure if it was still in use or not.

Kevin also mentioned that the old boat, sunken since early summer, was finished off by a backhoe a couple of weeks ago.  Another memory gone.


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