Tuesday, August 2, 2011

chiseled in stone

My friends in the Outer Banks tell me I have no reason to worry about Tropical Storm Emily.  Nothing will come of it they say.  But just thinking about the storm made me take a look at the "stormy" post.

This photo caught my eye.  I shot it as Bruce and I were sailing north under small craft warnings to Kent Narrows on the Crab House 150.  I had been disappointed in the photo because I thought I did not convey the strength of the wind and the size of the waves that followed us up Eastern Bay.  It was quite a ride on a blustery day.

Now that I look at the photograph again I like the texture of the wave, it looks like chiseled stone to me.  It seems I could reach out and run my hand over the rough granite.  The wind sculpts the waves, the sculpture constantly changes to the wind.


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