Friday, August 5, 2011

gone baby gone

That is the story of Tropical Storm Emily.  It has disappeared.  The tropical weather page from WeatherUnderground shows no activity right now. 

 Which means I'm going to Ocracoke.  Just for a quick visit.  But any trip to Ocracoke is a good trip.

Sometime Sunday morning I'l be crossing the tortured shoals of Hatteras Inlet on the Hatteras to Ocracoke ferry.  No Spartina, no sailing.  But I'll visit some friends, have a good meal or two and enjoy one of my favorite islands.

I can't wait.



JimB said...

Did you get a chance to look at my friend's website

His book proves that the treasure stolen at Teach's Hole in 1750 was the RSL's inspiration for Treasure Island. Book and eBook available about end of this month (ebay, iTunes etc). The BBC has just put out an article on it.

Growing up on the OBX and going to Ocracoke all my life. But the past few years knowing this story, makes me feel very different about the place. I wonder what other stories that place could tell. . .

Have a great trip.


JimB said...

Sorry, I meant RLS and in my haste transposed the letters.

JimB said...

Steve said...

Yes, Jim, I checked out the book. Looks very interesting. I'll add it to my list, but need to collect a few more pieces of eight before I can order. Thanks for the tip.