Monday, August 1, 2011

under a falling sky

I almost did not go sailing yesterday.  In the morning the forecast throughout the day called for chance of rain.  Not our typical chance of afternoon thunderstorms, but possible rain all through the morning and afternoon.

I really wanted to get out on the water.  I looked at a few more detailed forecasts, reports there showed 20 percent chance of rain in the morning, increasing in the afternoon.  So I went sailing.

The air was thick, the winds less than forecasts.  But there was enough of a breeze to keep me moving.  Sometimes it is good to sail in light winds.  There is a mental aspect to it.  Lowered expectations, looking for and enjoying the little shifts in the breeze, enjoying just being on the water.

  Late morning clouds streamed up from the south, they reminded me of the clouds Bruce and I saw on the SkeeterBeater coming up in a line across the Pamlico River.  Rain followed those clouds, I expected it would follow these.  I headed back to the ramp.

The first raindrops fell just as I finished breaking down Spartina.  The sails were in the covers, everything stowed away.  The thunder arrived just as I backed into the garage.

I did get try out a couple of modifications to Spartina's trailer.  I've added a spare tire carrier, above.  I've always carried a spare tire in the back of the jeep on out of town trips.  I've never carried the tire for day sailing in town.  That doesn't make sense - I could get a flat anywhere.  I could have mounted the tire on the side of the trailer tongue, but chose to mount it below.  It is harder to get to there, but hopefully I won't have to access it too much.  Mounting below lets me shift the weight farther aft, reducing slightly the tongue weight of the trailer.  Plus it give me an added area to step when I'm walking out on the tongue to pull the boat into place.

I also added new guide posts to the trailer.  I found corrosion on one of the old guide posts to the point I could have broken it off by hand.  I bought a new set at the trailer shop.  These are angled out at you can see, the old ones were vertical.  I don't think it makes much of a difference either way.  And I was able to use the old pvc covers on the new posts, the ones with the stickers that I have collected on our trips.

It is about time to renew my SPOT account.  I think it happens automatically but I'm not sure.  I'll confirm that it is activated for the fall trip.  I use the basic service, plus tracking, plus the BoatUS link for "need assistance" calls.

I'm starting to focus a little more on the fall trip; debating starting points - Onancock or Rumbly, thinking about goals, places I want to visit.  It was cool and dry this morning, a little hint of the coming fall.  I guess that got me thinking about the trip.


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