Friday, August 26, 2011

Hatteras Friday morning

I've been busy but think I just heard that Irene is weakening.  A strong cat one or a weak cat two.  Much better than a cat three.  But it is still big.  The photo is from just after dawn.  Things look much different now.  Mostly grey and hazy.  The wind howls now and then.

Just saw live shots of New Bern on the weather broadcast.  Made me smile, reminding me of sailing to New Bern with Bruce in 2009 and with Bruce, Paul and Dawn last year.



JimB said...

Hi All,

The path of the eye and duration will bring the problems for us on the Outer Banks even if the wind drops a bit more.

Papoose has double lines set across two slips and an anchor deployed with 100' 3/4 3 strand 25' 3/8s BBB 6' of water now.

With the wind out of the east, the water level has dropped at least 2.5 feet in the last hour or so. It begins.

No space left on cleats or winches. I feel a twinge of a jealously that you have a trailerable. ;-)


Steve said...

I'm hearing ocean flooding tomorrow morning, sound flooding in the evening. Saw about six or seven small, very small, spots of over wash between Frisco and Hatteras Village. I will be interested to see what tomorrow morning's high tide will be like.

Where is Papoose this evening?


S R Wood said...

Geez guys, hold on. Good luck.

JimB said...

Papoose is in Colington Harbour at the end of a canal. I guess I should add some info about her to go along with everything.

Papoose is a Mystic 10-3, built in 1979 at LBI just outside of Mystic. LOD is about 26ish, with a long bow sprit and a boomkin, I am guessing she is about 34(+?) feet LOA. Draught is 4'4", 8,000 lbs displacement with 3000 in lead at the fin keel.

She has the classic New England cat boat look, but where the centerboard would be, she has a modern fin keel. Also she has a bridge deck where as a cat boat would not have one.

Photos at:

JimB said...

Forgot to mention,

1. Colington Harbour is on the west end of Colington Island which is located due west of the Wright Memorial in Kill Devil Hills.

2. Instead of a cat boat type rig, she is a cutter. The main is an old aspect ratio with a very long boom.

JimB said...

If I can, I'll post photos here Saturday & Sunday

Papoose and Irene

JimB said...

Uploaded photos for you guys. One thing to put this in perspective, the difference between extreme low and high water took about 40 minutes. Further, there are 11 miles of bulkheaded canal in this area with only a 100' wide inlet from Albemarle Sound. That's a lot of water in a short amount of time.

Anonymous said...
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