Thursday, August 15, 2013

and two more

I had forgotten all about these photographs of the old boat.  Thanks, Curt, for reminding me.  Top photo is from the Elizabeth River, where I continue to do my day sailing.  The little girls up forward are now ages 20 and 22.  The bottom photograph is from Ocracoke, with Portsmouth Island in the distance.



JimB said...

Last photo taken at Springer's Point?

What a sweet looking sailboat!

Steve said...

Yes, exactly. Blackbeard's old haunt.


Baydog said...

Love that black sailboat!

Steve said...


the color is deceptive, particularly with the early generation digital cameras. The boat is green, just as the current Spartina. That dark green color you can see for yourself should you show up at the downrigging in Chestertown.