Thursday, August 8, 2013


It's a little village in a string of villages.  Going from north to south on Hatteras Island there is Rodanthe, Waves, and then Salvo, most visitors thinking it is all the same little town.  This is the old post office that was used up into the early 90's.  

I like the light on Hatteras Island.  It's kind of like the light you find on a boat out on the water - crisper and cleaner.  



EyeInHand said...


Bill said...

When you finally make your way out to the western shore of the lower Chesapeake, you definitely have to check out Gwynne's Island. The light there also has a different quality. And there's a little seafood processing plant that sells some of the best lump jumbo crabmeat I've ever had.

Steve said...


the western shore is making its way up the list. steve

Patrick Hay said...

Wow! They named a whole town after my boat That's cool! I should move there and be the owner of Salvo out of Salvo.