Tuesday, August 27, 2013

something like this....

On the cockpit sole below the foredeck are the porta-pottie, fuel can, anchor bucket, sentinal anchor.  Above that, bungee'd beneath the foredeck are, from port to starboard, the boom tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat.  Just aft of those items on the starboard side, between the forward edge of the coaming and frame no. 2, is my bivy.  To the port, between the coaming and frame no. 2, is where the storage battery will live when being charged by the solar panel on the foredeck.

Heading aft beneath the port side deck and coaming are the hypothermia kit in a waterproof duffel, the fender (I carry a big white one that works well as a fender and also as a float on a line when I go swimming), the light kit which holds lights, logbook, pens, and books for reading, the foul weather gear and, farther aft near the outboard well, the boat hook.  Also tucked up underneath the side decks are hand towels.

Going after beneath the starboard side deck and coaming are a large waterproof duffel with clothes, the cook kit (which holds the jetboil, a couple of pots and pans, spices and utensils), then water shoes and hat, charts and the day trash bag (those last three items being tucked behind the six foot oar).

Beneath the foredecks on either side of the cb trunk are four-plus gallons of water, with the tool kit on the port side, the spare anchor on the starboard side.  Beneath the thwarts will be the food and a little extra clothing.

Under the aft cockpit seats are toilet and cleaning supplies and fishing tackle to port, spare lines fittings, flares, and plastic bags to starboard.  Under the tiller in the pelican box will be the solar panel, storage battery and battery chargers.  Beneath that, under the deck plate, will be spare gps, camera and radio, plus the outboard tool kit.  In the day storage will be the vhf radio, binoculars, notebook, sunscreen, skin lotion, pocket knife and a lot of little odds and ends.  And don't forget the am/fm radio, we'll have both nfl games and baseball playoffs going on.

With all the storage space - beneath the deck plates, under the side and foredecks and behind the coamings - the fully loaded Spartina looks something like the above.  All that gear and the boat still feels open and uncluttered.  



S R Wood said...

Steve, this is amazing. And helpful. How do you carry the water? Do you secure the containers at all? Are they ballast or do you still carry extra weight?

I love watching all that disappear into Spartina. What a capable boat.

Steve said...


the water is in the round one-gallon jugs - Deer Spring I think - that are on sale for a buck a piece at the grocery store. Four fit under the bunk flat on either side of the cb trunk as if it were designed to hold them. No rolling around, they fit just right.

I do carry all the regular ballast. Weight of water and gear doesn't really affect the boat.