Tuesday, August 20, 2013

be it ever so humble

You would think it be so simple.  Just a biscuit.  One made with some mashed sweet potatoes thrown in.  Add fried chicken, pickles, whole grain mustard and honey.  And call it the "Stevie."  How nice.  Wash it down with watermelon lemonade soda made that morning.  Get it at the Handsome Biscuit.  Enjoy.

I know, I know.  Sailing.  Yes, I've been warned. This blog is about sailing.  I'll think about this sandwich when sailing.



Baydog said...

Fuck dat, Steve, It's about anything you want it to be about. And fried chicken is worthy of the most esteemed bloggers' posts.

Bill said...

Hey, don't change your format on our account - looks great to me! I got no problem with yummy stuff like that.

Although yeah, some sailing would be nice, too.