Monday, August 26, 2013

the blank slate, the eastern shore

The calendar tells me it is time to get serious about planning and packing for the fall trip.  By a month from now I should be somewhere around the Pamlico River headed for the Neuse River and points south.  I'll start planning tomorrow by filling in the blank layout of Spartina, above.  The packing charts helps me in two ways.  One, it helps me organize the boat.  Two, it gives me a visual checklist as I pack my gear in various containers and storage spaces the week before the trip.

Here is a packing chart from an earlier trip.  I can't tell which trip, but most likely one of early ones.  Gear and layout seem to evolve with each sail.  On this trip I won't be bringing the coleman stove with griddle and burner.  Instead I'll have a jetboil and a pot.  I won't have fresh veggies, eating mostly freeze dried food for dinner.  And I'll have some additional electronics on board, the solar panel and the storage battery.  The overall layout will stay the same, just a few small changes here and there.


I had to run over to the Eastern Shore today for work.  I like being able to say that - the Eastern Shore... work.... had to go.  It was a sun drenched day that started out cool and crisp, then stayed comfortable all day long.  I pulled the top off the jeep and enjoyed the drive across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.

I passed through Onancock and Chincoteague, stopping for a while at the newly renovated Assateague Lighthouse.  Maybe it is the spiral staircase, tiny windows and arched entryways - lighthouse interiors have interesting light.  One hundred and seventy five steps to the workroom, then a few more steps up the light.  Pretty cool.

Before leaving Chincoteague I stopped by the legendary Mr. Whippy for an ice cream cone.  That is a "regular" cone.  I can't imagine what a large would be like.



Bill said...

"Had to go." Ha. Kicking and screaming the whole way, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

What are you packing to read?

(Earlier you mentioned enjoying 'Goodbye to a River.' Now I'm reading it, grateful for the tip and itching to drag out my old canoe. Gotta a dachshund I can borrow?)

Shawn Stanley said...

Great lighthouse pics. Have not been to that one yet!