Friday, August 9, 2013

dinner - something old, something new

Something old are the little neck clams farm raised on the Eastern Shore.  Something new is the deep water red crabs caught 2,000 feet deep in the Norfolk Canyon.  The crabs are a new local fishery, though they have been caught commercially for years and carried by boat or truck to Canada for processing and serving as generic "crab."  I'll steam up the crabs and clams tonight for myself, I'm on my own as the girls have deserted me for New York.  How about some lemon butter for dipping?

Sailing tomorrow with some new gear on board.  I'm going off the grid with a solar panel and storage battery from Goal Zero.  I need to figure out the logistics of having the solar panel exposed to the sun while keeping the battery in a dry, protected spot.  I do not like the idea of carrying the extra gear on board, but what would be much worse for me is running out of battery power for my cameras.  So I hope this works.

I hope to write more on the solar panel, etc tomorrow.


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Baydog said...

Had a bachelor evening myself....