Friday, August 30, 2013

light winds


Anonymous said...

Your photos are amazing!
What kind of tides do you have in Virginia? If I sailed in winds like that in Charrleston Harbor I'd either end up at the mouth of the harbor or miles up the river within an hour!

Steve said...

We've got very moderate tides here, much of it wind driven. Certainly not like Delaware Bay or South Carolina.


Rob Haskell said...

Hi-do you know if the ramp in Elizabeth City is long and deep enough in the water to handle a Compac 23 with a 2' draft? I'm looking forward to some sailing in that area in a bit. Thanks Rob

Steve said...


I can't really answer that. There was plenty of ramp to get my boat in the water, but it is in my opinion a shallow angled ramp. I had to back down until my rear wheels were touching the water. No problem for me, but I can't speak to larger boats. Might want to call Pelican Marina which is just across the river. They might know, plus I believe they have a ramp too.