Monday, August 5, 2013

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I seem to have deleted all of my North Carolina waypoints.  I had opened Garmin Homeport expecting to find my southern waypoints and needing to create waypoints for the northern part of the fall trip: the Pasquotank River, Albemarle Sound, Alligator River, Roanoke Island.  Instead I had to create waypoints for the entire trip, from Elizabeth City to the north and Cape Lookout to the south.

The red track is from the eight day Tidal 214 trip, the eighth day being a two hour sail into Hobucken, which makes me think that 16 to 17 days is reasonable for this trip.  The trip could be done faster, and it will in fact be done faster by several people at exactly the same time I plan to be on the water.  The Watertribe crowd will be doing the North Carolina Challenge, covering much the same distance in a week.  I, on the other hand, like to get a good night's sleep each and every night, read a book or two and maybe cast a line to an unsuspecting speckled trout.

Questions have been raised about whether this blog is about sailing, food or photography.  With that in mind I post the photograph above of veggies delivered from my neighbor's garden (which reminds me of the belief in the south that the best reason to roll up your car windows and lock your doors is not theft prevention, but rather to stop your neighbors from filling the backseat of the station wagon with excess zucchini from their garden).  It was taken with the new Fujifilm X20 camera, which I am liking more day by day.  I am getting the settings dialed in to my liking and feeling more comfortable with the various controls and dials.  I took this photograph after  coming across Mark Bittman's delightful Farmers' Market Recipe Generator.  Choose your produce, cooking method and herb - and the generator will suggest a meal.  The cumin-rubbed lamb chops with cucumber salad has caught my eye.

Sailing, food, photography - yes, that is what it is about.


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Baydog said...

Agreed. Send me a photo sometime and I'll try to come up with something to do with it.