Friday, August 23, 2013

unseen, can you spare a "w"?

I bought a new anchor bucket, which you cannot see here.  And that is exactly why I bought the new bucket.  It is black.  The old bucket, which I bought a year or two ago, was white, square and tall.  The shape was perfect, but the white bucket showing up in photographs was distracting.  This new bucket, a rubber one from a farm supply shop, is shorter, does not slide around (because it is rubber) and does not show up in photographs.  What more can I ask for?

Winds were light today but the skies were pretty.  I had, save for a couple of tugs and a barge, the river to myself.  Winds seemed 5 mph or less, sometimes filling in for nice run.

This old power boat was experimenting with being a submersible.  It has been anchored out on Craford Bay for most of the summer, and sank just like this once before.  It was sinking - I suspect sitting partially on the bottom - very near the the location of the sunken sailboat that was hauled out a few weeks ago.

When I spelled the name of the bay without a "w" above it was not a typo.  I've written the name of the bay as Crawford for a long time now, only just recently remembering a local oddity that was told to me twenty-some years ago.  The little bay in on the shores of Portsmouth, which was founded by Colonel Crawford.  The road running along the bay, past the statue of Colonel Crawford, is Crawford Parkway.  The bay itself, and this is confirmed by the charts, is Craford Bay with no "w".  I'll try to remember this in the future.

Still experimenting with the new camera, looking at the tones and details it captures.  I'm happy with the colors above and the detail below.  I found that by shortening up the neck strap and I can wear it around my neck and find it not in the way when I need to use the tiller or adjust the lines.  Sailing and photographing sometimes don't go together.  It is nice to know I'll be able to drop the camera, hopefully with the strap around my neck, and take care of the boat.

Daughters are coming home for the annual crab, clam and corn boil tomorrow evening.  We may well have time and weather to get out for a sail before the cooking begins.

Crabs, no 1 jimmies, from Wickers Crab Pot, and little necks from Uncle Chuck my shellfish guy.  Can't wait.


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