Monday, February 11, 2019

a winter's sail

Sailing was in doubt yesterday morning.  I made the drive south along the old Dismal Swamp Canal, the water in the ditches covered with a layer of ice.  32° when I got to the ramp in Elizabeth City, a stronger-than-forecast wind blowing out of the NE.  I had made the drive so might as well give it a shot.  I am glad I did.  (The cold inspired a quick rigging of SPARTINA, rushing to get the knots tied before my fingers became stiff.)

I of course wore the mango suit along with good quality thermals and a wool sweater.  The puppy drum-patterned buff kept my ears warm. 

The wind held steady for a couple of hours, almost enough to reef but not quite.  I had brought the GoPro camera along and decided to experiment with mounting it on the gaff, at first just above the jaws and then later at the peak.

The wind fell off about noon, then returned 20 minutes later out of the SE.  Perfect for a sail back to the dock, tacking our way back and forth across the Pasquotank River.  It was late afternoon before I hauled out.

Why is it the days when I almost don't go sailing turn out to be the best days on the water?

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