Wednesday, February 20, 2019

the capsize

In an email Lorenzo, who built and sails the Pathfinder ASTRID, tells me about a recent winter sail in the Mediterranean with his youngest son Filippo in the Goat Island Skiff JOY SPRING.  He noticed a problem with the rudder but was unaware of just how bad it was.  Sailing downwind in a stiff breeze under full sail the rudder broke and JOY SPRING capsized.  Lorenzo caught it all on video with his GoPro.

Not to worry, Fillipo, Lorenzo and SPRING JOY got some assistance from another Goat Island Skiff sailing nearby, nothing worse than a chilly swim in their neoprene wetsuits.  I'm glad it all worked out well.

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David Swanson said...

Man that happened quickly, and it looks like the son was caught in the sheet at one point. Glad to see he had his PFD on.