Saturday, February 16, 2019

one less bridge to navigate

Good news from down south in Beaufort NC as the new high-rise Gallants Channel Bridge is open and Grayden Paul bascule bridge is locked open for boat traffic and in the process of being removed.  Here's a nice little video tribute the to the old bridge that opened in 1957 (the same year I was born).

Heading south from Pamlico Sound to Beaufort I take the Adams Creek Canal, often spending the night along the canal either Cedar Creek or Back Creek, which leads to Core Creek and then Gallants Channel that runs down on the east side of the Newport Marshes.  I have never timed it quite right, having to wait anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes for a bridge lift.  Below you'll see SPARTINA'S track as I went to a fuel dock and then anchored waiting for a lift.

The bridge tenders have always been great, but they have rules to follow, opening on the hour or half hour and no openings during rush hour.  Years ago with about a 10 minute wait the bridge tender asked if I could motor over to the side where he could take some photographs of SPARTINA.  How nice!  A strong current runs with the changing tide and it is not a great place to sit and wait for a lift.   Those days are in the past and it will be a much easier passage into Beaufort, one of my favorite little towns.

Cold and rainy this weekend so no sailing.  I've got some maintenance work to do and hope to get ahead of the curve on that.  

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