Sunday, February 3, 2019

Super Sunday / The Windward Passage

No sailing today on Super Sunday.  Just one day off this week and I've got some projects to work on including building new saw horses for the spring bottom painting on SPARTINA.  

With the cold short days I always start thinking about the spring sail, this year's will be down on Pamlico Sound.  I placed some food orders this morning for the cruise.  At top are the buffalo/cranberry bars, part of my steak and eggs sailing breakfast (the eggs being Rx bars that I'll buy locally).  The Callipo canned tuna is for lunch.  And the Mango ginger chews are for snacks.


Webb is approaching the Windward Passage between Cuba and Haiti.  Looks like he will have contrary winds to get to the passage but once through he'll have the Tradewinds to carry him to Panama.

I have no favorites in the Superbowl.  Just hoping for a good game.

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