Monday, December 23, 2013

on to the next project

Using my neighbor's two-ton car jack, I lifted Spartina this morning and moved the three supports, then painted the three spots on the hull bottom that I could not get to yesterday.  The painting is done, and I am very happy with the results.  It is interesting that for all the hours involved in the process - from unbolting or cutting off trailer hardware, sanding and painting - the actual painting was less than 10% of the effort.  Hardware took the most time, mostly because of rusted bolts, sanding took almost as much time.  Rolling on the paint was a piece of cake.

I will be paying a visit today to Portsmouth Trailer Supply, the toy store from all things trailerable, with my sketch of the trailer.  I need to pick up several bolts, u-bolts and pins for the rollers.  I'll also investigate what I need to do to replace the corroded leaf springs and axle mounts, which will be my job for January.

I may also visit Yukon Lumber, the toy store for all things wood, to price douglas fir 2x4x8s.  Replacing the trailer bunks would be easy to do at this point, and I might use douglas fir which is more rot resistant than the typical pine.  But switching woods depends mostly on the cost. 



Bill said...

White oak - you won't ever have to replace them in your lifetime...

Steve said...

ended up using the best treated 2x4 I could find, think they will last a while. Put carpet only on the top and sides so the would can drain and dry quickly. steve