Tuesday, December 17, 2013

sanded, sore

Woke with a sore back this morning, the results of spending a good part of yesterday on my back or knees sanding Spartina's hull.  Sanding was just half the job.  The other half was removing hardware - winch bracket, guide posts, bunk flats and even license plate - so that I would get to the planking.  It was a good lesson in the choreography that will need to be done during painting, supporting the hull with lifts in certain places while painting most of the hull and then, after enough time for drying, lowering the hull, raising again and supporting in different positions to touch up the original support areas.

I've got the paint, bought at $50 for a quart from West Marine.  I was surprised at the price and while at the store went online to some marine mail order houses only to find that with shipping and hazardous material costs, the paint was going to run about $50 no matter how I bought it.  Now I just need some foam rollers (from the hardware store, not West Marine), brushes and a couple of days with nice warm weather.


JimB said...

And it looks like you warm weather is on the way! I need it too for rebuilding the companionway hatch.

Steve said...

Yes, I'm hoping for this weekend. Good luck with your project.