Friday, February 3, 2012

do you ever have one of those days....

when everything is perfect?  You go into work and the job happens like it is supposed to, the schedule which looks very cramped turns out to be timed just right, then somebody tells you they need a bill for work you did months ago and when you send them a bill they write back and say "no, we'll send you more than that" and the last appointment for the day wraps up early so you drive home bathed in sunshine on a warm spring-like day in the middle of winter only to get an email telling you that you've won one of those silly company contests, the ones you are always griping about, and then the boss's boss emails to say nice work.

That was my day today.  (I guess life would be too easy if it was always like that.)

Things will only get better as I hop on a plane early tomorrow bound for San Diego, a chance to see my Mom and do some planning with Bruce (chart books are already tucked in the bag).  I can't wait.



Bill said...

It has been quite a long time indeed since I have had such a day, if in fact I ever have had one. If so, at the moment it is beyond my ability to recall. Having a day such as you describe seems to merit congratulations, so good on ya.

Baydog said...

Wish me such a day on Sunday, wouldja?

Steve said...

I got your back, Baydog. Strip steak and steamed artichoke on the menu. And a win for the G-men.