Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Visitors say "chink-oh-teeg", emphasis on the first syllable.  Locals say "shing-kuh-teeg", emphasis on the last syllable.  It is easy to know who lives on or near the island, and who doesn't.

 I had to run up there for work today, a nice sunny still-kind-of-chilly day with wind out of the north.

I drove around the island looking at it in a different way.  This will be on the list of possible stopping places for our Fall sail over the top of the Delmarva Peninsula.  I checked out out the channel along the waterfront, anchorages, boat ramps and docks.

The other possible stopping places are Cape May, New Jersey; Lewes, Delaware; and Ocean City, Maryland.

We would like to reach Chincoteague, but that will depend on wind, weather and tides.  I think we have nine days scheduled for sailing, that should be enough to reach the island if weather cooperates.

One more time - "Shin-kuh-teeg".  It was a nice place to spend the day.  It would be a nice place to finish the Fall sail.


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Anonymous said...

It never fails me to forget how to pronounce it. I'll have to store your "hint" on my iPhone.

Guess they still do some "horsin' around" every year up there.

Not much left of the bit, I have been chewin' on waiting for good weekend to look at my boat.

Even though I am further south than you, I expect you'll be on the water before me. Your 'fever" is more overpowering than mine.

All the best

Buck in NC