Thursday, February 23, 2012

sailing to the south

It is forecast to be 75 degrees here by noon tomorrow.  Possibly raining, a little muggy, but very warm.  I'll take it.  I wish I could say I'll be sailing, but instead I'll be putting hardware in place and varnishing the coaming of Spartina.  

There is small boat sailing going on not too far south of here.  Above is a screen shot from out of Oriental, one of my favorite online publications.  The county youth sailing team was out practicing for a regatta on a beautiful day.  Sailing down in Oriental now gives me hope that I can be sailing in just a week or two.

As my sailing season approaches, so does the start of the Watertribe Everglades Challenge and Ultimate Florida Challenge.  I look forward to following my friends in those adventures.  The race begins in just nine days.  Good luck Dawn, Alan and Kristen.



Anonymous said...

I'm still chompin' at what's left of the bit, with the remainder of February's forecast.

NOAA's predicting low 70's on the Neuse for today & tomorrow, then drops to low 50's for the weekend, then low to mid 60's for beginning of the week.

I stay pretty warm in the cockpit, sailing. Its the night temps of upper 30's to low 40's that keep me from overnighting on "Alert", my Precision 18.

You're still young, but something psychological about reaching 65, and "camping out ' in those temps makes me reconsider driving the three hour trip to the Neuse.

Call me a wuss, but your time will come when "the bones begin to talk back".

All the best,

Buck in NC

Fernando Costa said...

Good morning Steve !

A great american sailor, right now at 600 miles from brazilian coast, needs our help. Look !

Make, please, your possible my friend, disseminating this message on your blog!

Good winds

Fernando Costa, from Brazil